The Hut (The Irwell Food Co): Local Friends Make A Success Of Street Food Takeaway

Last year, four life-long friends pooled their talents together and created The Hut – a street food takeaway in Rawtenstall.

Since then, the little takeaway hut has gone from strength to strength and has become a much-loved staple of Rawtenstall’s vibrant town centre.

A Different Flavour In Rossendale

Having spent most of their lives in Rossendale; Seb, Alex, Mark and Daniel knew they could bring something unique to the valley. Three of the four lads are experienced chefs and the fourth has worked in marketing and branding for many years – with a combination of skills like that, you could say they were destined for success!

So, when an old takeaway business lease came up for grabs, the lads jumped at it. They then set about transforming the little shack into a booming takeaway business.

In the summer of 2018, The Hut opened its doors to the public with an ‘easy-to-understand street food menu’ and delicious dishes cooked fresh on site.

Freshly Prepared Street Food Style Cuisine

The Hut prides itself on offering mouth-watering home cooked dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The ever-growing menu caters to all dietary requirements and features a range of yummy vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.

The Hut’s menu has expanded three times since opening over a year ago and is now packed with tasty burgers and burritos, hearty salads, delicious hot dogs and an array of sides. The takeaway joint recently launched it’s ‘Hut Pizzeria’ which has been a huge hit with The Hut’s old and new customers.

An Environmentally Friendly Food Business

As well as being one of Rossendale’s most diverse takeaways, The Hut also prides itself on being an environmentally friendly business.

When setting up their business, Seb, Alex, Mark and Daniel knew that they wanted to create: exceptional food that was “packaged safely in renewable materials” rather than the un-recyclable polystyrene.

The lads also managed to up-cycle a number of recycled materials, which were then used within their kitchen.

Not only does The Hut use reliably sourced, eco-friendly packaging, it also raises awareness of the damage that polystyrene food packaging does to the environment, the oceans and the wildlife. The lads want to influence others within the food industry to take the important step towards ecological packaging.

Supporting The Local Community in Rossendale

As part of their business ethos, the team at The Hut believe that working on community causes and supporting local industries is very important. Since opening, The Hut has helped a number of exceptional charities including Civic Pride Rossendale and The M3 Project.

The Hut takeaway rawtenstall doing charity work

The Hut supported Civic Pride Rossendale by making donations towards new tools, seeds, and flowers. The lads have also volunteered their time to help them Civic Pride with a mass flower planting in Rossendale.

The Hut team also raised money and took part in a 3k run last summer to raise awareness for The M3 Project, a specialist local charity that offers advice, support and accommodation to those at risk of homelessness.

The Future Of The Hut

Today, The Hut is a thriving takeaway in Rawtenstall and is a firm favourite amongst Rossendale’s foodies. The lads have had tremendous feedback from their customers and believe that they now have a duty to continue being one of the most diverse takeaways in Rossendale. 

The Hut will begin its second year of business by launching its very own online ordering App as well as other exciting developments. Watch this space!

You can find The Hut’s mouth-watering menu and opening times here.

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