Ruth Tutors Legal Apprentices Through College Link

SOLICITOR Ruth Winter is now helping to deliver legal apprenticeship courses for Accrington and Rossendale College. The Bacup-based solicitor, whose practice Winter Solicitors is on Lee Street, has always offered apprenticeships and work experience opportunities since she opened in January 2014. She remembers how difficult it was to get experience when she was studying and so is delighted to be able to offer students an insight into working in the legal profession.

Ruth said: “I am helping to deliver Level 2 and 3 Legal Administration courses with AccRoss College. Previously the only course offered by local colleges was Business Administration where as this is much more specific and relevant for apprentices who want to pursue a legal career. I am working with apprentices from different legal practices and hold workshops to deliver different aspects of the course.”

Level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE and Level 3 to an A level.

Ruth said: “I am encouraging more Solicitors to enrol their legal apprentices on to this course and it can be offered to an apprentice at anytime post-16. By enrolling staff on this course, it gives the them more knowledge of legal work and not just of office management. The course is also flexible and students can select different modules that they wish to study, everything from wills to family law.”

Laura Crosland, 18, from Burnley, is Ruth’s current apprentice. After completing her AS levels at Burnley College and getting A grades in maths, sociology and law, she decided A levels were not for her and applied for an apprenticeship. She said: “I decided I wanted to do something more productive and this allowed me to work and learn rather than just be in college. I have learnt a lot. Long term I would like to go into an administrative job either in the legal profession or in human resources.”

To find out more about the legal work experience contact Ruth on 01706 878141 or check out the course details on

Story by Catherine Smyth Media

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