Waterfoot Food and Drink Guide

Waterfoot Food and Drink GuideLying mid-way between the conurbations of Rawtenstall and Bacup, Waterfoot is where the water courses of Whitewell Brook and its larger neighbour the River Irwellcombine.It is home to a huge Victorian Tricketts Arcade, which sadly has never been fully restored. The town also boasts a good mix of shops, everything from crafts to a butchers, a café, pubs and a small supermarket.It has an artistic side being home to The Boo, the base of the nationally-acclaimedHorse and Bamboo Theatre Company, The New Millennium Theatre, artists studios, The Milltown Gallery and Rossendale Dance and Drama Centre.

In the Waterfoot Guide:

  1. Nowt Poncy Food Company
  2. Paula’s Café
  3. The Hargreaves Arms
  4. The Old Library