Pâtisserie Chanel: The French-Style Pâtisserie Comes To Bacup!

Last week, Bacup Market welcomed Pâtisserie Chanel, an independent artisan French-style Pâtisserie known for its wide selection of mouth-watering handmade pastries, breads and desserts.

Where It All Began

Owners Jonathon and Maryse, originally opened their dream artisan business on Rawtenstall Market in 2018 and have watched it flourish ever since. The inspiration for Pâtisserie Chanel came from the couples shared love of handmade French-style pastries and fresh bread.

Maryse is from the beautiful French region of Brittany, so you could say it’s in her DNA! Jonathan on the other hand, decided to try his hand at baking a few years back. Not only did he love it, he was pretty damn good at it too! So much so, he left his office job and retrained as a pastry chef.

Delicious Hand-Made Treats

Patisserie Chanel

Pâtisserie Chanel offers a wide range of gorgeous pastries including croissants, pains au chocolat and brioche. The light and fluffy pastries always have their customers coming back for more. The independent Pâtisserie also has a selection of lovingly handmade bread, tarts, cakes, gateaux and a variety of divine desserts.

If you’re not a sweet tooth, you might prefer Pâtisserie Chanel’s range of savoury delights including freshly made quiches, feuilletés, baguettes and flavoured breads. The sundried tomato bread is particularly amazing!

Pâtisserie Chanel prides itself on being able to offer fresh pastries, baguettes and flavoured breads straight from the oven.

The Move To Bacup Market

As their business grew, Jonathan and Maryse decided to relocate to Bacup Market, where they have a larger stall and can open an additional day each week.

When talking about their move to what they describe as the ‘pretty little town of Bacup’, Jonathan said, “We decided to move to Bacup, and particularly the market, as we felt that it is the perfect place for new businesses to start up and grow a loyal client base”.

Patisserie Chanel

Pâtisserie Chanel opened its doors to the people of Bacup last weekend (7th-8th June 2019) and was overwhelmed by the support it received. On the opening day, the French-style Pâtisserie sold out of its baked goodies and received an exceptional response from its old and new customers.

If you’d like to visit Pâtisserie Chanel and sample the delightful selection of sweet and savoury French-style treats, head to Bacup Market on Wednesday (9am-4pm), Friday (9am-2pm) or Saturday (9am-4pm).

Or if you have a special occasion coming up, Patisserie Chanel takes orders for whole cakes, tarts gateaux and quiches! So, you can celebrate a birthday, anniversary or special event with a delicious, freshly made treat.

The Future Of Patisserie Chanel

Jonathan and Maryse have many aims for the future of their niche business. They hope to one day offer the complete continental experience for their valued customers by opening a Patisserie and Tea Room on a high street.

We just hope they don’t go too far as the people of Rossendale love Pâtisserie Chanel’s tasty treats.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Patisserie Chanel news and see which treats they have on offer this weekend, head to the Facebook page and give them a follow.

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