Nursery First State School in Rossendale to Open Doors to 2 Year Olds

by Catherine Smyth Media

A NURSERY in Bacup is the first state school in Rossendale to open its doors and offer education for two-year-olds.

Last year the government changed the education policy to open up schooling for two-year-olds, including offering some parents free 15 hours a week flexible childcare.

Bacup Nursery School, on Cowtoot Lane, consulted with parents over a four-week period and found there was a lot of interest in changing the admission age.

Since the school opened for two-year-olds in January, enquiries are being received daily and already 40 two-year-olds are being educated in the special classroom.

Not only do they have separate facilities at the nursery school, the children also have their own outdoor space.

Head Teacher Andrea Cooper said: “Parents can have their children attend mornings, afternoons or pay for full days.

“We find it is best for children to attend regular consecutive sessions and our latest Outstanding Ofsted reported that pupils make better progress by the time they leave nursery if they attend sessions regularly.

“Traditionally, we were not allowed to admit children to the nursery until the term after their third birthday, now that we open from age two, the children can be placed in the most appropriate classroom according to their developmental ability.”

When full the nursery has 48 two-year-olds and 110 children aged three and four.

Mrs Cooper said: “I believe that it is the right move to provide education for two-year-olds in the nursery school. It is a step in the right direction if we value effective and quality early education.

“Bacup Nursery School is well equipped to deliver education for two-year-olds with the highly qualified and skilled staff team of four fully qualified teachers and 11 of the teaching assistants qualified at Level 3.

“In addition, the earlier intervention for the two-year-old children will help to close the gap for children on starting Reception Class and a key strength fo the nursery school is that it ensures children are well prepared for their next stage of education.

“We will continue to sustain a high quality nursery school for the community of Bacup that will provide an excellent education for all our children; nothing less.”

Lancashire County Council confirmed that, while other Rossendale state nursery schools were considering lowering their admission age, Bacup Nursery School was the first to implement it in Rossendale.

Anyone interested in a place at Bacup Nursery School can contact 01706 873856.

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