New Home for Bacup Solicitors

by Catherine Smyth Media

A SOLICITOR has relocated offices to breathe new life into the remnants of a once major Bacup mill.

When Morrisons developed its store on the site of the former Taylor and Hargreaves mill on Lee Street, the offices of Irwell Mill and cast iron entrance archway were retained.

Winter Solicitors initially opened on King Street in January 2014 but the move around the corner to Lee Street has allowed the business more space while also securing the future of a prominent building in the town centre.

Owner Ruth Winter , 38, said: “I have made a significant investment in buying my own premises and I used some of the money I was left by my father Michael to buy the building. I am calling it Winter House in memory of my father.

“I have lived in Bacup for 13 years and have seen this area be transformed from a derelict mill and nightclub into Morrisons.

“I am glad they retained the offices from the mill and am pleased to have been able to take the building over to give it a future.

“We needed more space than we had at King Street. Although there is currently just my apprentice, a bookkeeper and I, as business increases I will be looking to expand my workforce.

“My apprentice Lauren Wright from Crawshawbooth will come to the end of her a level 3 in business administration course and she has also studied legal practice and she will be staying on.

“I always offer work experience opportunities and that will be made easier by having more space.

“Upstairs there is a large open plan room and a separate large office with an entrance off the car park at Morrisons that I am looking to get a tenant for.

“As well as the large office there is a separate board room that will be used for meetings and interviews and could be shared by the tenant.”

The mill was one of the oldest in Bacup and was built by Hardman and Hargreaves in 1824 to 1825 and originally housed weaving looms.

Taylor and Hargreaves winders and doublers took over the mill in 1911 and the business closed in 1999.

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