Love Umbrellas Celebrate 4th Birthday

Photo courtesy of Liz Henson Photography
Happy Birthday to us!!!
Our Facebook page was born 4 years ago, where I was making umbrellas for friends and family from my living room, with our 6 month old baby playing on his play mat… and things went from there!
The last 4 years have brought much craziness… So I thought I’d have a little reflection time, and share some highlights with you.

  • Carting all of our wares to at The Clothes Show, and returning absolutely exhausted, but pretty much sold out of all of our stock! An amazing experience!
  • Winning our local Rossendale Business Awards, we are honoured to be surrounded by some really amazing local businesses, so we were completely dumfounded when our name was announced! My legs were shaking all the way to the stage to collect the award!
  • Helping out many a stressed out bride and groom in need! Nothing beats that feeling of going above and beyond the call of duty, to ensure they have a drowned rat free day! 
  • When we won the Online Business Award at The Enterprise Vision Awards at the big posh event last year, lots and lots of champagne was consumed – A fabulous night! 

A big thank you to all of our lovely customers, obviously we wouldn’t be where we are now, without you, and we really do appreciate your support.

Thank you to Ruth for being there to share all of these amazing memories, and for Mr LU for making things possible too xx

Here’s to many more years cheering up dreary days!! 

Klair x


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