Larger Firms Urged to Celebrate Success

by Catherine Smyth Media

A LEADING Rossendale manufacturer is urging larger Valley businesses to shout about their successes through the Rossendale Business Awards .

JJO, in Bacup, has been a sponsor of the Made In Rossendale Award for the past five years during which time the popularity has grown with more businesses nominated each year.

However, in order to further build the credibility of the Made In Rossendale award kudos, joint managing director of JJO Stephen Greenhalgh is urging larger businesses to put themselves forward.

“There are many fantastic businesses in Rossendale who are really boosting the economy and they should be represented in the award nominees,” he said.

“I will be approaching the Rossendale Business Leaders group of the Chamber of Commerce and will be asking to get the awards on the agenda.

“There is still a core of traditional businesses in Rossendale and we have new and innovative businesses that have seen a high level of investment.

“These all contribute to the economy and are major employers within Rossendale.”

He felt the manufacturing industry, in particular, was under-represented in the Made In Rossendale category.

“The award asks for a wow factor – but that is not necessarily a product, if a business is outperforming the market, creating jobs and bringing skills to the Valley that is also a wow factor,” said Stephen.

“We need to show manufacturing in an incredibly positive light to encourage young people that there is a future in it.

“Most of the manufacturing in JJO is carried out by engineers using computer controlled machinery. You are more likely to be an engineer programming a computer these days than one using an oily rag.”

JJO was founded more than 100 years ago and employs around 350 staff, including 15 apprentices, at its Bacup base.

The company produces more than 600 kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms every week, which are sold all over the world.

This year’s presentation night was held last month at The Riverside in Whitworth and saw 200 people pack the main hall.

Chair of organisers Valley at Work Rob Carder echoed Stephen’s comments. “We have had a huge success in attracting entries from the many small and micro businesses that are now thriving in the Valley. It is also important to all of us that larger businesses are represented, which is why we are making this appeal early.”

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