High Flying Client Goes Extra Miles For Haircut

by Catherine Smyth Media

EVEN though Brendon Lawlor left Rossendale 10 years ago, he still returns every month to have his hair cut by his favourite hairdresser.

Brendon, 38, moved from Waterfoot to Dublin when he got a job with Ryanair and he is now senior cabin crew.

He said: “I am very fussy about my hair and because of my job my appearance is very important.”

Hairdresser Charlotte Jeffs began cutting his hair when she was an 18-year-old junior at Antony and Patricia (A&P) in Bank Street, Rawtenstall, and Brendon has returned to have his haircut by Charlotte ever since.

After a period working in other salons, she returned in September to be a senior stylist at A&P and Brendon and his fiancee Lauren Keogh have already called in.

He said: “I have tried other hairdressers, one in Spain when I was living there and another in Dublin, but they were not as good.

“I know I can sit down and ask Charlotte to do my hair and she understands exactly what I want and I am always happy with the haircut when I leave the salon.”

Brendon usually ties in the trip to his stylist with a visit to his parents, but on one occasion he flew in on a Saturday morning, had his haircut and flew back to Dublin the same night.

Charlotte also cuts Lauren’s hair and will be flying to Dublin to style her hair for their wedding next August.

She said: “Since I returned to work at A&P it has been a crazy, crazy few weeks, everyone has been so supportive and it was great to see Brendon and Lauren again.

“I am really looking forward to styling her hair for the wedding and they are covering my accommodation costs in Dublin; they are a really lovely couple.

“He is a very loyal client and organises his trips around having his haircut.”

Lauren, 26, a conveyancing legal executive, said: “Any time I ask Charlotte about my hair I get an honest opinion and good advice. She is so friendly and welcoming she makes you feel relaxed when you visit the salon.

“The whole experience of going to the hairdressers is like therapy for me because I have such a busy job.”

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