Dansworks Joins Maltese Twin School for Annual Show

DANCERS from Bacup enjoyed a trip of a lifetime to Malta to join their twin school at its annual show. Dansworks Dance Academy of Performing Arts, in Pioneer Buildings, has been twinned with Dance College Studios since 2014. Every two years the two schools have an exchange visit to dance in each other’s shows. Thirteen dancers from Malta visited in March and 10 Bacup dancers aged 11 to 16 have just returned from six days in the country when they got to explore the Maltese way of life and danced anywhere and everywhere they could.

Phoebe Urmston, 14, said: “It was awesome. It was very hot and it was nice dancing with other people from another country.”

At the annual show the Bacup dancers performed two routines – ‘Riverside’ which is a lyrical contemporary routine and ‘Dream Girls’ which is jazzy. They also had a street dance routine when both the Maltese and British dancers were on the stage.

Emily Biel, 16, said: “I liked visiting the capital city Valletta as we got to see the cannons that we had heard so many times. We also went to the ancient capital of Mdina and into the catacombs.”

Carmel Sweeney, 15, said: “I liked getting to meet new people abroad and I liked staying with people that I know and creating new friendships.”

For one of the Bacup dancers there was a surprise when her grandfather and aunt turned up specially to see her perform in the show. Gracie Caine, 13, who had a solo in the routine, said: “My family knew about it, Dansworks knew about it, but I didn’t know. We were in the backstage courtyard when suddenly they came round the corner. It was very confusing for me because I had not expected to see them.”

After the show, Gracie’s aunt Zoe Caine told the group she was lost for words because Gracie had been so amazing.

Business Development Manager Dale Connearn said: “It was the best trip we have had and it was made better because we stayed in apartments rather than in a hotel and the atmosphere was incredible.”

Principal Karen Roe said: “All the girls were hilarious and there was such a good bond between them. They all enjoyed it, had fun and they also worked really hard in the show and were amazing. They really pulled it out of the bag and at the end of their performance there were whoops from the audience.”

The two schools will meet up again in 2020 and already dancers are eager to book their places.

To find out more about Dansworks contact 01706 559671.

Story by Catherine Smyth

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