Client Would Travel 10,000 Miles For Haircut

by Catherine Smyth Media

LOYAL customer Chris Ashton has clocked up nearly 10,000 miles returning to the same salon each month to keep her hair in tip-top condition.

The grandmother from Mellor, Blackburn, first visited Antony and Patricia’ s Hair Salon in Rawtenstall, when she began working for the Job Centre in Rawtenstall in 1982, and has been there ever since.

“Every month I come to have my hair coloured and cut,” she said. “It is a round trip from home of 25 miles.

“I only worked in Rawtenstall for three years and then worked in Burnley, Accrington and Manchester, but I never changed my salon and would come on a Saturday.”

While she was in A&P before Christmas, director Tony Winder had posed a quiz about the salon and its history.

Being a regular over so many years, Chris found she was able to answer a lot of the questions and she was delighted to win the top prize – a £50 hairdressing voucher.

The retired civil servant said: “When I first came here to have my hair cut it was long, dark, and straight. By the time I left it was short and it has been ever since.

“When Tony went off to Australia 27 years ago for a six month break to visit family I was the last customer whose hair he cut and he presented me with a bouquet of red roses.

“I was invited to his retirement party when he stopped cutting hair and I brought along the card he had given me all those years before.”

Tony said: “Chris got the most answers correct but then she has been a loyal client here for so many years.

“We have many clients who visit the salon even though they do not live locally and it is lovely that they stay loyal.”

Chris said: “When I had my son Jonathan he would come with me to have his hair cut at the same time – right until the time he left home.

“Coming to the salon, to me, is like coming home. Everybody is just so nice and friendly, they know you and know what you like. Why chop and change?”

The quiz tiebreaker asked entrants to say why they visited A&P and Chris wrote: “It is simply the best.”

2nd prize was won by Frank Rogers who won a Paul Mitchell gift pack and 3rd prize went to Ann-Marie Coyne who won a hair treatment course.

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