Bioresonance Therapy Comes To The Valley

A NEW clinic is opening in Rawtenstall offering bioresonance therapy – a scientific approach to treating ailments by retuning the body. Lisa Lomas stumbled across the therapy when her husband Garry was struggling with tears that burnt his skin. Doctors had previously prescribed medication that did not make any difference. She said: “It was suggested that we try bioresonance and I was a complete sceptic. I found a practitioner in Leeds and we went along. Garry is a tree surgeon and the therapist identified that bacteria in leaf mould was causing the problem. The machine identifies when a body’s organs are not working at the right frequency and treats the underlying issues. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it work, but it does.”

Garry said the bioresonance machine solved his problem and the success of the therapy, led Lisa, a driving instructor, to book in for an MoT as she was suffering from exhaustion. She has now invested in a machine, which she has used to help friends with a series of complaints from tinnitus to digestive issues, hormone imbalances and cataracts. She said: “Everyone whom I have treated has said that they benefited.”

Last year Lisa went to Southern Ireland for training and then an intensive course in Germany and has now set up Biores UK. She has just returned from the London Veg Fest in Olympia, which had 8,000 visitors. Lisa, 35, from Weir, said: “I offered a free body acidity check and I carried out about 200 checks – only one child and three adults were in balance. I am now looking to open a pop-up clinic in London for a couple of days every 4-6 weeks and I got a really good response to the idea at the trade show.”

On November 17, Lisa, and fellow bioresonance therapist Samantha Snowden, 31, from Padiham, will be opening a joint clinic above Simply Veg in Kay Street, Rawtenstall. Lisa said: “I studied A level sciences at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School and have always been interested in the human body and how it works. In Germany bioresonance therapy is a highly respected method of treatment and it is now becoming better known in the UK, although there are only 100 registered therapists.”

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Story by Catherine Smyth Media

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