Anita Finds Natural Way to a Healthy Life

AS A teenager Anita Graham-Bateson struggled with her health, but it was not until her 40s that she realised it was her own body that was not in balance. After a series of serious health issues, doctors said she would be on medication for life. Anita said: “I was not prepared to accept that and was walking past a shop and saw a poster advertising The Nutritional Healing Foundation and it just talked to me. I immediately picked up the phone.”

This led to a meeting with a naturopathic doctor. For the first time in her life, Anita found someone who was able to understand her. “Instead of trying to resolve issues with medication,” she said, “this doctor was able to get to the root cause of my problems. It turned out I was sensitive to chemicals and electro-magnetic frequencies.”

It took years for Anita to begin feeling ‘normal’ again and a complete change of lifestyle. With hard work and determination she was able to regain energy and feel healthier than she had done in decades. She said: “I began to understand how the body heals, in what order and to not overload, how to step back and, yes, in my case I changed my way of life to be in tune with my body. I knew I got sick if I overdid things and so I promised my body, mind and soul that I would be clean in my eating, rest and learn to love myself.”

Anita, now 50, embraced those changes by learning more and studied at the Nutritional Healing Foundation College in Liverpool on an intensive three-year course in anatomy and physiology and nutritional healing, therapy and science. While having treatment she learnt about NES health – a technology driven healing system that scans the electrical field of the body and pinpoints areas of imbalance. Ever the student, after her advanced diploma she also trained to become an NES health practitioner and two years ago she set up her own therapeutic business Well-NES and Nutrition.

She said: “I looked for premises in Rossendale, but was unable to find anywhere so we constructed a purpose-built therapy room at our Haslingden home. As the New Year often leads to resolutions, especially around health and wellbeing, I want people to know that, if they are willing to make the changes necessary, I can help them to improve their lives.”

Testimonials on her website recount how Anita’s help has made a difference to the lives of people with a multitude of different health and wellbeing complaints. She said: “I can show you how to listen to your amazing, beautiful, unique you. To heal, be healthy and be happy. I use naturopathic healing. The NES scan identifies imbalances and I carry out a comprehensive assessment of a person’s lifestyle and genetic history to be able to evaluate the whole person. I then create a bespoke healing plan to help them adapt to improve their own health.”

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Story by Catherine Smyth Media

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