An Enterprising Request from Alder Grange School

Lynda Hannam says:

I am after a little favour on behalf of Alder Grange school…………………..  In sixth form we have introduced a Level 2 Btec in Enterprise Skills, and I’m looking for a local business owner to speak to our students.  I’m thinking that the business owner would either come into school and spend an hour or so with us, or allow the students to visit in the workplace.  We have seven students in the group, and any visit either way would probably involve two teachers too.  Our students are all interested in areas of business and entrepreneurship and are keen to meet with a business owner.

The aim of the visit would be for the business owner to chat about their journey so far in business, their own strengths and weaknesses re. skills etc. and allow the students to put questions to them.

There will not be any difficult or awkward questions.

Ideally, an “exciting” young business owner would be beneficial as the students would relate better.  When I say exciting, maybe a product/service that is a bit different or the journey made somewhat different/interesting.

Ideally the visit would be made for a Wednesday morning.

If you’re willing to do this, contact:

Thank you.

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