Alder Grange Year 10 Enterprise Week w/c 13th July Appeal for Help / Mentors

Each year, year 10 pupils are taken off timetable and have a full week of enterprise activities.  The event is always held the penultimate week of the summer term which, this year, is week commencing 13 July.  They do not know until day one what their brief will be but we can tell you that our focus this year is tourism in Rossendale.  The pupils will have to gather information, work to budgets, consider target markets and come up with a 48 hour stay in Rossendale for: a low budget family break, a romantic couples’ break, an adrenalin break and maybe one more.  The information gathered at the Promoting Rossendale meeting last week will be extremely beneficial in the planning and execution of this week. 

As part of the week the school will be arranging tourism taster trips for the pupils: skiing session, tubing session, trip on the ELR and a mini site seeing tour, all as part of the Rossendale experience.  There will also be random tasks to undertake throughout the week for which the pupils will not have any prior warning.  Friday 17 July will be judging day. The pupils will have to present their marketing offer for each of the packages, and “sell” it to the judging panel.  The judges will be given insight information from our business mentors and “spies” that have been supporting them throughout the week.  Not only will their final offer be judged but their teamwork, managerial, organisational, enterprise, facing adversity etc. skills will also be under scrutiny.

It makes such a difference to the pupils to receive encouragement, support and guidance from our external stakeholders: businesses, councillors, VAW chair etc.

With this in mind, it would be fab if some of your members could pop in throughout the week to offer support and encouragement.  We know how important and precious time is and really do not expect anyone to give all their time throughout the week.  We value the odd hour or two, a morning or an afternoon, although anyone that could give a full day or more would no doubt get their hand bitten off!  There will, of course, be a copious amount of tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits available.

I will send through the timetable as soon as we have finalised it so that you will be able to see the days that the pupils will be out.  It would be great if any Valley at Work members could offer us some of their time.  A rough idea of days and times available would give us the opportunity to plan the groups and mentors.

If you can help please contact Linda Hannam, Teacher of Business Studies, Government & Politics

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