Help Bring My Fiancee Home

by Catherine Smyth Media

THE fiancée and mother of an ex-soldier have joined forces to campaign for his release after he was sentenced to five years in an Indian prison.

Six British nationals have been imprisoned along with 29 others from Estonia, Ukraine and India who were on guards and crew on board the MV Seaman Guard Ohio, an anti-pirate ship working in Indian waters.

Valley at Work member and owner of The Idea Buro , Jessica Kemp, 37, from Rawtenstall, got engaged Ray Tindall via Skype on New Year’s Eve and had been expecting him home after the charges of having illegal and unlicensed weapons were quashed last July by the Indian High Court. Continue reading “Help Bring My Fiancee Home”

Nursery First State School in Rossendale to Open Doors to 2 Year Olds

by Catherine Smyth Media

A NURSERY in Bacup is the first state school in Rossendale to open its doors and offer education for two-year-olds.

Last year the government changed the education policy to open up schooling for two-year-olds, including offering some parents free 15 hours a week flexible childcare. Continue reading “Nursery First State School in Rossendale to Open Doors to 2 Year Olds”